Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Big All Natural Shampoo Bar Sale!

Herbal Medley, Lavender Lemon, Rosemary Mint, and Tea Tree Nettle Shampoo Bars

I especially want to thank all of you who visited with us at the Anoka Riverfest in July. What a wonderful day for artisans and show goers alike. Thank you to all our loyal customers! We would like to honor one special customer who dropped by and reminded us how wonderful our shampoo bars are by purchasing 15 shampoo bars for herself and all her friends.  Also, to those of you who have already become addicted to Siena Soap Company's all natural shampoo bars, we would like to offer an all natural shampoo bar sale.

All Shampoo bars will be on sale for the price of
4.50 per bar
Prices Good Through August 30th, 2010
Remember Siena Soap Shampoo bars are made with the finest all natural ingredients and are safe for color treated hair. They are biodegradable and are also great for travel, camping, or backpacking.

For more information on Siena Soap Company's Shampoo bars or other products please check out their webstore at:

"Experience the Difference"