Friday, February 15, 2008

Resurrection Bar

Introducing the Resurrection Bar!

The Resurrection Bar is a cold-processed soap made by Siena Soap Company in small batches from carefully selected ingredients including Virgin Olive Oil, with Cocoa Butter and Jojoba. The aroma is heavenly and contains the essential oils of Myrrh, Cassia, and Aloe. Soothing and creamy, you are sure to fall in love with this new bar. To find out more about this and other all natural soap products please go to:

What Makes Artisan Soap Different?

Welcome to the wonderful world of soap making. If you’ve not tried artisan soap you are in for an unexpected surprise and a pampering treat. If you have indulged in this basic and affordable luxury, you have “Experienced the Difference” and realize there is no turning back.

What Makes Artisan Soap Different?

Individual small business owners (such as Siena Soap Company) who fashion and create all natural soap are in a unique position to make better soap than companies that are in mass-production. Large companies who mass-produce soap are concerned first and most importantly with profit. Synthetic ingredients are easier to get, cheaper, stable, and much better for the bottom line. If corporate America does incorporate organic nutrients, the percentages are often insignificant and only used for their eye-catching appeal on the label.

Reading labels (if the ingredients are actually listed) often reveal the highly synthetic nature of most mass-produced body-care products. We as consumers need to begin reading the labels of what we are putting on our bodies because our skin readily absorbs these products. Most of us have begun to read labels for the food we serve our family. Exploring and understanding the ingredients in our body care products is an equally important task.

It is exciting to understand then, that soap makers who make their products one small batch at a time are able to balance frugality and the use of quality ingredients. Artisan soap makers are meeting and exceeding the family skin-care needs better than large industry can.
For luxurious artisan soap made one batch at a time from scratch, check out our new line of soaps at: