Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Classic" SOAP SALE!

"Homemade soap feels good: soft, rich, enveloping, soothing.  The lather is dense and penetrating rather than thin and airy.  It leaves an emollient film on your skin that makes it feel soft and senuous.  Homemade soap is comforting in ways which manufactured soap can never be: its look, its weight, its bulk, how it feels in your hand, looks in the dish.  There is something ineffable about homemade soap.  It's not homogenized, pasteurized, deodorized, santitized, or synthesized - it's one of a kind, every bar different, each unique.  It is idiosyncratic in the way of all homemade and handmade things. "
Ann Bramsom
Excerpted from her book,  "SOAP"

Ann Bramson is a hero to many soapmakers for she wrote the first modern day CLASSIC book on the the soapmaking process geared toward the home soapmaker.  Her book simply titled, "SOAP", was first published in 1972 and has since inspired a generation of soapmakers.  
Reading these words for the first time inspired my  journey in artisan soapmaking.
What I love about soapmaking the most is that it is part science and part artistry.  Although our recipes, and methods have been carefully recorded, no two of our batches or bars of soap are entirely identical. And above all, we constantly strive to make our products both beautiful and purposeful.  With our artisan soaps and other all natural products we are constantly striving to meld the two worlds of science and art to provide you with the best possible product.

Our CLASSIC Soap scents are now on sale to commemorate Ann Bramson's pioneering efforts in soapmaking. 

Soaps currently priced at 4.50 each include:

Citrus Mint

Prices good until February 26th, 2009

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