Sunday, June 8, 2008

Olive Oil in Soap

When I choose our soap's ingredients I not only look at the actual physical properties they lend to the soap, but I also want each single ingredient to function as an outstanding and contributing skin care product.  

That is why the majority of our soap recipes include a large proportion of Olive Oil.  In fact, most of our aromatherapy soap is made with at least 40% Olive Oil

Why use Olive Oil in Soap?

Olive Oil is a wonderful moisturizer because is attracts moisture and holds it close to the skin forming a breathable film to prevent loss of internal moisture.  While preforming this function Olive Oil never blocks the natural jobs of the skin such as sweating, releasing sebum, or shedding dead skin cells.  

Olive Oil is also high in oleic acid.  When Olive Oil is used as a main ingredient in a soap recipe, the soap will becomes an excellent cell regenerator because of this high content of oleic acid.

Soap made with a high percentage of Olive Oil is usually safe and gentle enough for the most sensitive of skin and even for the skin of babies.

Our Innocence soap bar is made with 90% Olive Oil.  Goat milk and honey are added to this bar for their skin loving properties. This is a scent free bar and is wonderful for those who have extremely sensitive skin or for babies.  I use this bar as my facial bar, and love its moisturizing properties.  

Skin and hair cleaned with Olive Oil soap retain moisture, resilience, suppleness, and brightness.  Take a peek at all of our pure and gentle Olive Oil soaps at: 

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