Sunday, August 30, 2009

NEW! Cold and Sinus Salve

NEW! All Natural Cold and Sinus Salve

Siena Soap Company would like to help out your families with the start of school and the fall cold and flu season. Of course we all know that we should encourage all family members to wash their hands often to avoid the spread of the flu virus, but if the flu or a cold virus does attack your family be prepared with our new "COLD and SINUS SALVE."

Our new salve will sooth dry, chapped, and irritated skin with the calendula infused olive oil that is the base used in this product. Even more important, it will also provide real healing aromatherapy for ailing sinuses with the carefully selected essential oils included in this all natural salve.

Natural relief for cold and flu season is available now through Siena Soap Company for your entire family. Introductory sale price is available through 9/30/09 at: 4.50 per salve. Stock up now and be prepared.

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