Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What are Shampoo Bars?

What is a Shampoo Bar.....soap for your hair?

Most people are not sure about the idea of a shampoo bar.   When explained, however,  the "light bulb" goes on and many of these customers have become faithful shampoo bar converts.

First off, our shampoo bars are made with the finest all natural vegetable oils and butters. Unlike commercial liquid shampoo, our shampoo bars are free of synthetic colorants, preservatives, and petroleum by products. Our shampoo bars are also scented with the pure aromatherapy of natural plant derived essential oils -  no synthetic fragrances are used here.  They are 100% all natural hair care for beautiful hair.

Keep in mind that our shampoo bars are suitable for vegans (free of animal by-products).  It is also good to know that all of our products are only tested on our enthusiastic family and friends. Our shampoo bars are also great for the environment... there are no bottles to recycle or throw away.  

Many of our customers find that these bars also make great "Head to Toe" bars and also work equally well for use as a facial and /or body soap.  For those who often travel, our bars successfully pass through the security check in your carry on luggage.  Outdoorsmen and campers alike also love to take our shampoo bars with them on their excursions.  They are easy to pack and are biodegradable!

Our shampoo bars are long lasting and will replace your 18 oz. size of commercial shampoo.  As with all of our artisan soap, remember to keep your shampoo bars away from the spray of direct water.  It is important to keep your bar "high and dry" between uses on a well-drained soap dish. Soggy soap will not last as long as well-drained soap!

I love the body and shine I get from using our shampoo bars! I have fine, limp hair and I have found that with the use of our shampoo bars, my hair is fuller and more manageable.   I have also totally discontinued the use or the need for all the "extra" products I use to put on my hair to get it to behave!  

While I have made the step to all natural skin care, I realized that my hair care routine needed to follow in that same direction.  I love my new natural hair care routine.  I challenge you to try our all natural hair care by trying our shampoo bars!  You'll love the results!

To help you get started, during the month of August we are offering a special price on our Shampoo bars.  We currently have two varieties of shampoo bars: Rosemary Mint and  Lavender Lemon. 

Special !!!
Shampoo Bars for the Month of August

4.00 Each

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